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Great Heart Academy is truly GREAT ~ Great Hearts Monte Vista TX ~ Jamie Larson Photography

We had a rough year with JH last year in school.  The environment was a bit chaotic and he does best with structure.  Everyday when I picked him up from school and asked how his day was, it was “The Worst Day EVER!.” Except on Wednesdays because that was engineering club, which he looked forward to.

I began to think he was just the type of kid that would not like school, which baffled me a bit because he loves to learn.

I started to pray. Pray that God would provide a better school experience for him in some way.  I didnt want him to be miserable for 7 hours a day, but I also knew if I homeschooled him (like he begged me to do) it would not be in the best interest of either of us.

In the middle of last year I was asked to Photograph a parent orientation for a new Charter School coming to town. The person asking me said, “who knows, you might even want to join.” I chuckled and thought, “and drive 25 minutes to school every morning, no thank you!”

As I took the pictures for that orientation night, I was hooked.  This school provides an incredible classical education. Great Hearts focuses on the child’s love and wonder for learning and on their character, and they infused virtues any chance they get. They care about seeing the children flourish not only as students, but as people. This school was….nothing short of an answer to prayer.

To my surprise, my husband was willing to make the drive, and agreed that this seemed to be an incredible opportunity.

It is nearing the end of school now. We have had an amazing experience here. The environment created here is conducive to learning, and JH had never loved school more. My kids are being challenged, and flourishing.

Is it easy, with the longer drive & more challenging homework? NO WAY. Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY.

In fact it is so worth it, and I have been so excited about this school that I have recruited families from all over the city to be part of Great Hearts (and I don’t even get paid to recruit).

So if you are looking for a great opportunity for your children, then look into Great Hearts Academy.  Currently we have Great Hearts Monte Vista, and in the Fall of 2015, Great Hearts Northern Oaks Campus will be open.

So when I asked JH where he wanted his yearly pictures and what he wanted to wear, I was not overly surprised to hear him say: “I want to wear my Great Hearts Uniform, and I want pictures at my school.”

E was my little assistant for most of the shoot, but decided she wanted to jump in on a couple of them too.

At Great Hearts, the read all classical books. JH has always loved reading, but now more than ever. So this is one of the books he read this year.

San Antonio Photographer Jamie Larson Photography-6070 San Antonio Photographer Jamie Larson Photography-6076

I decided to incorporate his skateboard since this is something he has been enjoying.  Although he is not as serious about skateboarding as he is about his Parkour (I left those pictures out because they would probably put you on edge).

San Antonio Photographer Jamie Larson Photography-6083

San Antonio Photographer Jamie Larson Photography-6119

Gosh, I love this child. He has been such a JOYBOY.

San Antonio Photographer Jamie Larson Photography-6127

Last summer the two of them were constantly fighting. It was troubling. I was a bit traumatized after a full summer of the two of them bickering. They have come so far this year, and I am sure being at this school has something to do with it. They are best friends again (I pray this will last)!

San Antonio Photographer Jamie Larson Photography-6170

This year, JH delights in making people laugh. He got a bit discouraged that his jokes he made up were not making us laugh (because well, they did not make sense, ha). So for Christmas we got him this joke book.  Problem solved!

San Antonio Photographer Jamie Larson Photography-6143

Love this one!

San Antonio Photographer Jamie Larson Photography-6157

Can you believe that they posed themselves?!  I actually did very little directing in this shoot.

San Antonio Photographer Jamie Larson Photography-6196

Here they go again with their poses.

San Antonio Photographer Jamie Larson Photography-6205

One last one. Their school is so beautiful. JH wanted a picture showing the whole building.

San Antonio Photographer Jamie Larson Photography-6058

If you are looking for a Family Photographer, I would love to serve you.

Tell me that your child goes to Great Hearts Academy and I might just have a little surprise for you!

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