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I can remember going through the box of family pictures as a little girl and feeling disappointment.  I continued to thumb through the box of pictures, hoping to find more of me and my daddy, us as a family, or even just pictures of him and my mom but there were very few.  My heart sunk every time.

See, when I was only two, my father passed away. I am sure my parents thought they had more time to take pictures, they had no idea how short life would be.  And neither do we.

That is where I can help you!

I am Jamie Larson, and I am PASSIONATE about capturing your family, because I know how short life can be and we need to make the most of everyday.  Not only am I dedicated to capturing your family in a way that you will be proud of, but I am dedicated to creating a fabulous experience for you.

I love working with fun families who are close to each other because they truly value having their memories documented through picture. 


There are a lot of Photographers for you to choose from here in Colorado.  What sets me apart from the other Photographers?  The entire experience I create for you.  From start to finish, I am with you all the way.  From helping you coordinate outfits, to picking the location, to determining with pictures and products would suit your needs best.

My goal is to create a FUN & stress-free experience for everyone YOU.

Have you ever looked at a picture of everyone smiling, yet you realize you have negative feelings attached to that picture? It is because in reality, behind the smile everyone was melting down right before and after the camera clicked.

It is my job to create an experience where your kids (and hubby) want to cooperate, (trust me, I have tricks up my sleeve to make it happen) so that when you look at that final picture you will treasure it with fond memories.  It is your job to just enjoy the moment.

I also take the stress out of the preparation.

I know how daunting it can be to try to coordinate clothing for everyone, but I will make sure  you feel fully prepared.  I offer full details on what to expect, how to prepare for the shoot, and a style guide. Many of my clients will even take pictures with their phone of different outfits they are thinking of wearing, and have me help them decide, I love that!

I will make sure to pick the perfect location for your shoot, and throughout the shoot, you are bound to have a good time.

But wait! It’s not over until it is over….After the Photoshoot comes the very best part, the Reveal Night. This is the VERY best part! I will come to your home with your favorite dessert, a slide show of your photos, and sample products for you to touch and see.

Sound exciting?! If you want family pictures in Colorado, then let’s get started. Contact me and I will give you more information along with my prices.


People often ask me, “How did you get into photography?” The answer is simple, really… I wanted to capture everyday moments with my family, and what I saw coming from my camera was not cutting it. I was unimpressed with my blurry, underexposed, poorly composed photos. So I jumped into the art of photography head first. Reading everything I could get my hands on. I joined forums, read articles, books and magazine, and invested in workshops, and most of all…I practiced, daily.  Now, I not only capture the memories of my family, but of others as well.


In addition to taking your pictures, I also train other professional Photographers around the country, and I have a website that is dedicated to being a resource for Photographers called The Snap Society.

I also speak at moms groups and other gathers to give education on how to take better pictures. If you are interested in having me speak at your event,  Contact me.