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My Courageous Friend ~ San Antonio Home Birth Photographer

This was a whole different experience for me. I had taken pictures of a birth before, but never a home birth. It was absolutely amazing. I can count the times on one hand that I cried behind the lens, this was one of them. A is a very good friend of mine and I have always thought highly of her, but my opinion of her changed after this. She is by far one of the strongest and most courageous woman I know.

Some of these pictures are not as tack sharp as I would like, but lighting was not always idea, so I felt it was more important to share with you the whole story instead of just the technically correct pictures.

Oh, and did I mention that they did not know the sex of the baby, so it was a total surprise! The first thing out of the dad’s mouth was “Is it a girl?!”

Jamie Larson Photography-0332 Jamie Larson Photography-0314 Jamie Larson Photography-0358 Jamie Larson Photography-0365 Jamie Larson Photography-0367 Jamie Larson Photography-0416 Jamie Larson Photography-0462 Jamie Larson Photography-0439 This is their sweet little boy, they have another boy as well… Will they have a third?

Jamie Larson Photography-0465 Jamie Larson Photography-0466

And it’s a GIRL!!

Jamie Larson Photography-0497

I just had to show you this picture, as blurry as it is. This is Grandma screaming in delight that they have a baby girl!!!

Jamie Larson Photography-0512 Jamie Larson Photography-0620 Jamie Larson Photography-0630 Jamie Larson Photography-0665 Jamie Larson Photography-0659 Jamie Larson Photography-0722 Jamie Larson Photography-0755 Jamie Larson Photography-0697 Jamie Larson Photography-0759 Jamie Larson Photography-0769 Jamie Larson Photography-0684 Jamie Larson Photography-0780 Jamie Larson Photography-0795 Jamie Larson Photography-0800 Jamie Larson Photography-0832

Thank you R. Family for letting me be part of this incredible event. God gave you a perfect baby girl, and I cant wait to see her grow.

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  • Lauri Horton

    Ashley, that is fantastic! I’m so happy for y’all and for your sweet parents! I was a L&D nurse for awhile and it was such a special time to witness God’s miracles and gifts for us! You are amazing!

  • Roxie M.

    Many congrats to all of you! Jamie…awesome pics of capturing each moment and the emotions of the incredible experience!

    • Jamie

      Thanks so much Roxie, it was a blessing to be part of!

  • http://www.patbrockman.com Pat

    You captured joy! What a story each photo tells. So beautiful it made me cry. Congratulations to all.